Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Salman Khan sends Anup Jalota to torture chamber


Salman Khan is the flavour of Bigg Boss 12’s Weekend Ka Vaar. The Bigg Boss contestants turn out in their best in the season’s first Weekend Ka Vaar as Salman speaks to them directly about what has happened in the past one week. After saying he is very angry at the contestants, Salman lightens the mood by saying he is just messing around with them.

Salman asks the contestants to choose the villain of the piece for the week and most of them go for Sabah Khan, with some naming Shivashish and Dipika. The actor then asks Sabah why she was chosen, and she says she is straightforward while others are diplomatic. Salman also brings up the upbringing slur used by Sreesanth against Somi Khan and tells the former cricketer that he has no business attacking anyone’s family; Sreesanth apologises.

Salman also wants to understand why the rest of the contestants didn’t intervene when Shreesanth refused to participate in the first task of the show; the task was eventually cancelled. Salman advises the contestants to participate in the tasks with all honesty or they will find themselves nominated. He also reveals that depending on who had emerged victorious in Shivashish-Saurabh vs Sreesanth task would have won safety for their entire team. The actor says he is taking the first week lightly, but this kind of attitude will not help them in Bigg Boss house.

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Salman then announces that Dipika and Srishty are safe this week from eliminations. As Salman gives the contestants a break, Sreesanth is upset and says he doesn’t want to stay in the house. Salman asks him to lighten up, and the journey inside the house is tough.

Shivashish also brings up how Sreesanth abused him and Romil on the previous day. While Salman doesn’t take it too seriously, he advises the cricketer to be cautious as the ones he is abusing can also retaliate.

Salman also says he is very happy that good people have entered the house, but the channel is not too pleased. The caller of the week then asks the question – why are jodis, the direct opponents of celebs, listening to actor Karanvir Bohra so much? He considers this as the weakness of commoners. Karanvir says he is only trying to avoid fights and misunderstandings in the house. The contestants also come to know that Anup favoured Dipika in the Raja Rani task, and how Karanvir put in a word for Dipika.

Salman again asks for votes on who was the villain now and Anup Jalota gets the maximum number of votes. Anup says he was not partial towards Dipika, he genuinely liked Dipika’s performance and chose her. The jodis refuse to accept this and say Anup had mad up his mind even before the task started. Anup is sent to torture room, but given a choice to send Jasleen in his place. Anup refuses to avail this option and enters torture room. He is fed karela juice, milk and uncooked egg through a feeding pipe. Salman then says that he will reveal the jodi which has been eliminated on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar.



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